Content for every stage of a trader's journey  

Increase demo-to-live conversion while at the same time decreasing customer churn and slashing your content production costs.

It’s imperative to engage with customers throughout their trading life-cycle; from lead acquisition through to retention. At each stage the content needs to serve a different purpose.

Tools for traders

  • Lead Acquisition

    During lead acquisition the content needs to differentiate your services from your competitors.

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  • Demo-to-Live Conversion

    To convert your lead from the demo to trading live the objective of the content is to increase your customer’s confidence; without trading confidence no one can expect a trader to place live trades.

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  • Trading

    Keeping your customers trading requires a reliable and consistent flow of information; having trading information available whenever and wherever the trader requires it.

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  • Retention

    The content for retention purposes is different from other phases because it is typically more focussed on risk management and portfolio diversification rather than entry timing.

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We help you achieve Sales & Retention through:  

Relevant Content

Populating your website with new and relevant content

Visual Market Analysis

Providing a constant stream of simple-to-understand visual market analysis

Conversation Pieces

Arming your sales staff with conversation pieces and reasons to call your customers

Effective Messaging

Keeping your brand front-of-mind through effective messaging

Risk Management

Assisting your traders in managing their risk

Content Types  

We offer a wide range of financial market content to cater for all types of traders and investors. We cater for Trend Traders, Swing Traders, Mean-Reversion Traders, News Traders and Value Investors. Our content is applicable to both Novice and Experienced Traders, and this wide variety of content guarantees that traders are always reading something new, fresh and appropriate for their style of trading.

Chart Patterns

Head and Shoulders, Triangles, Wedges, Channels, and many many more, along with pre-breakout warnings

Fibonacci Patterns

All major Fibonacci Patterns, from extensions to Gartley

Horizontal Levels

Identification of major support and resistance levels, along with pre-breakout warnings

Fundamental Analysis

Stock valuations based on accepted company valuation methodologies

Consecutive Candles

Alerts to excessive amounts of consecutive candles in one direction

Volatility Analysis

Expected price range movements for setting market appropriate exit levels

Big Movement

Alerts to excessive movements in one direction

Macro-Economic Analysis

Analysis of economic news and their effect on financial markets
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