[Broker Name] Introduces Autochartist
Autochartist is the world’s most advanced tool for the automatic identification of trade opportunities in the form of Chart patterns, Fibonacci patterns, and Key Levels. Autochartist’s proprietary technology allows their search engines to monitor thousands of financial instruments 24 hours per day uncovering trade opportunities as they occur. In addition, Autochartist also offers Volatility Analysis as a feature which will give you a better assessment of risk and volatility on the instruments that you trade. 
As one of our valued customers you have access to Autochartist FREE of charge. 
Log into the Autochartist platform, click on "Messaging & Alerts", enter your e-mail address, select the market you want covered, select your language, and the time you want to get your report.
Receive audio and visual alerts when emerging and completed patterns are identified. Benefit from the automatic Forecast Zone plotted on completed Chart Patterns. Use Autochartist’s Performance Statistics to view success rates of patterns reaching the forecast zone.
Receive audio and visual alerts of emerging and completed Fibonacci patterns. Also receive a visual illustration of support and resistance levels according to the theory of the Golden Ratio.
Horizontal support or resistance is often encountered at significant price levels. With Key Levels Autochartist automatically identifies these price levels as either “Breakout” or “Approach.
Provides traders with insight into relevant movement of instruments, like:
  • Average PIP movement in specific timeframes;
  • Maximum expected price movements across various timeframes, and
  • Expected price movements over weekly and daily timeframes

Donwload; install and launch Autochartist from MT4. Receive real-time alerts of profitable trade opportunities through a web script and custom indicators.


Watch this short video to see the overall layout of the application and how to navigate around


 Autochartist gives traders early notification of potential trade opportunities throughout the day.

TRADE OPPORTUNITY FORECAST ZONES:  On completed patterns, Autochartist automatically plots a forecast zone of what price level is expected to be reached with a 70% success rate in price reaching forecast zones.

QUALITY INDICATORS:  Each pattern comes with an automated visual analysis that uses a combination of four unique characteristics in assigning a pattern’s quality score.

SAVES TIME:  You no longer have to rely on years of training to recognize trading patterns, and key levels, Autochartist scans through massive quantities of market price data and automatically detects predefined patterns and key levels.

ALERTS:  Autochartist delivers audio and visual alerts of trade opportunities including: chart patterns, Fibonacci Patterns and Key Levels. All complete and emerging opportunities are consolidated into one screen.

TRADE STYLE:  Autochartist automatically plots support and resistance lines, catering to both breakout and swing traders.

HIGHLY CUSTOMISABLE SEARCHES: You can define your search criteria to filter out unwanted data, leaving only information most relevant to your own personal trading style.

EDUCATION: The Autochartist service is accompanied by training guides and videos from within the application to empower traders to best utilize chart patterns and technical analysis in their day-to-day trading.

LAUNCH AUTOCHARTIST FROM MT4: Drag and drop the Autochartist web indicator onto your trading platform and launch the application automatically in a new window, no need to sign on again. Also simply drag and drop one of Autochartist’s custom indicators onto the MT4 platform to see patterns and price clearly overlaid.

SUITED TO MOST PORTABLE DEVICES:  Autochartist is scaled to suite browsers of iPads and similar portable devices.